Birth Trauma

What are feelings of a traumatic birth?


Feelings of traumatic birth can be overwhelming. They can come from a single event, or a combination of things that took place during pregnancy, birth or postnatally.  How you feel about your experience truly matters, your feelings are valid. Feelings of traumatic birth may look like, but not limited to, hypervigilence, tearfulness, flashbacks, panic, changes to relationships, numbness surrounding the event and anger. When you feel like this, it may be hard to look forward and this can be really difficult when you have a young child too.

Why does it happen?

The fight or flight response is one of our most primitive survival systems and is designed to allow us to act in the face of life threatening danger. The highly aroused emotions of fear and helplessness present during the traumatic experience become inextricably, biologically linked to the memory of the event because our amygdala becomes hyper-vigilant and any emotions felt at the time are attached to the memory.

The hypocampus (responsible for this)was not able to process the memory as it would normally, meaning you feel those feelings of panic etc every time you think back to the event.

The 3-Step Rewind

In January 2022 Angharad completed the 3-step rewind training with Ruth OlayinkaThe 3 Step Rewind technique is a process which moves you through your past traumatic experience in a safe way. It uses gentle NLP techniques alongside deep guided relaxation to help you neutralise your negative feelings attached to your experience. You can choose to share your story, but you don't have to, the process can work effectively either way.

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