In-person Group courses and taster sessions

Book on to one of our group hypnobirthing courses in Temple Wellness Centre Parkmill, Magnolia Wellness centre Neath or join one of our Taster sessions at Tiny Adventures Swansea.

To arrange private hypnobirthing sessions, contact us directly.

Breast/Chest Feeding 101 online workshop 

This workshop is designed to prepare you to reach your feeding goals, whatever they might be.


We will cover: 


- What to expect in the first days and weeks. 

- The science behind feeding. 

- Common obstacles and how to overcome them. 

- How to know when it's going well, or when there might be a problem. 

- Myth busting!


Positive affirmations can really help to improve mindset in any period of time especially in pregnancy and the postpartum. These high quality cards can be placed around your home or work place to help you think positively about birth or believe in yourself during new parenthood. 

Free Printable birth affirmations

Here are 8 free printable positive birth affirmations. Great way to prepare for birth as well as use during labour itself.

10% off babycare tens*

Follow the link below and use the code 10BEAUTIFUL to get 10% off full price rental or buy for items over £25.50*.

*I Angharad Hughes of earn commissions as an affiliate marketer for recommending products for Babycare TENS; I hope that this disclosure will demonstrate my intent to run an honest and reputable business. 

Free Birth preferences template

Here is a birth preferences template for you to use to prepare yourself and your birth partner for all eventualities in labour.