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I was a first-time mum in 2016, and I thought I already knew most of what I needed to know. I'm a biology teacher, and what I didn't know, I'd just Google, right? Everybody does it, so giving birth must just be easy, I'll be fine. In amongst my Googling, I did come across Hypnobirthing as well as other antenatal classes, but wasn't really interested in finding out more. 


More than anything, I wish I had found out more and utilised Hypnobirthing when my son was born. I was in labour for three days, I was totally unprepared, and I ended up traumatised and terrified of the possibility of ever needing to go through that again.

When I became pregnant for the second time, I was determined to make sure it was a more positive experience. I found out that hypnobirthing was in fact a FULL antenatal programme and more! And I promised myself that if hypnobirthing was everything I'd hoped for, I would teach others and help them have the same positive experience.


... and hypnobirthing was everything I'd hoped for... and more.  

It's a logical, evidence-based approach to pregnancy and birth, and it gave me all of the options and information I needed. 


My husband was sceptical at the start but really enjoyed learning about the biology of birth and was relieved that he was given a specific role in the birth. Hypnobirthing is a complete antenatal education. The relaxation techniques were a great resource during my pregnancy and when my waters broke in the middle of the night, we were both prepared, calm and confident. Read more about our approach here >

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