Finding your hypnobirthing teacher

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

❤️ I may not be what you picture when you think ‘Hypnobirthing teacher’ ❤️

I'm not into yoga, I don't regularly meditate and I don't use crystals.

There's nothing wrong with ANY of the above, they just aren't me!

The truth is, there is not just one 'type' of hypnobirthing teacher, just like there is not one type of birthing parent or one type of baby. When you pick your hypnobirthing teacher, it is sooo important that you know who they are. So that y

ou won't mind spending quite a lot of time with them, you can open up to them, speak freely in front of them and are not afraid to ask them questions.

So...If you want someone to tell you birth is easy and your baby is going to float out then I am not the right person for you and I suggest you look else where.

If you however want a teachers who is:

🌟 Going to explain to you how your body works during labour

🌟 Going to tell you how incredible birth is when you prepare for it fully

🌟 Going to teach you about your birth rights 🌟 There for you for as long as you need ✨Then I am the right teacher for you! ✨

I found hypnobirthing during my second pregnancy and it changed my life! I truly believe in the power this course can give someone, that I decided I needed to ensure you all get to feel what I felt!

I know my stuff and want you to know yours as well!!! So be quick and book your spot!

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