Danielle and Bings birth story

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

I woke up at about 2am needing to wee. My son had woken up too so I took him for a wee too (I was getting some Braxton Hicks contractions, they were a bit painful so waking me up as well). I went to sit in the front room for a bit because my son had brought a cough home that week and I'd caught it off him, yaaay, cough pee cough pee 🙃. So I thought getting in and out of bed that night would be waking Bing up all the time so thought "just chill for a bit until ur cough calms down" but by 3am I was like, OK I don't think these are Braxton's 😅.

So I put our bubble lamp on, I turned the bubbles off and just used it as a colour changing lamp really, its got bluetooth so I put music on. We'd bought a new dish bowl so I squatted over that, leaning on the settee thinking well if my waters go, it will save a clean up 😂😅🤷‍♀️. And just did the breathing techniques.

So about half 6 I think, my back was aching so I started running a bath. I went back to leaning on the settee but when I was having a contraction I was thinking I can't get up to turn the taps off and I think the baths gonna overflow so called to Bing to wake him up to turn them off.

So Bing wakes up not knowing wtf is going on lol. I get in the bath which doesn't even reach my achey part of my back, and then I decided it was to hot to stay in anyway so got out and leaned on the bath so I could squeeze the bath handles.

Bing said he's gonna start filling the birth pool we bought but he hosed it from the bathroom so was still with me. I think I started to lose control 3 times but then he was straight away do the breathes with me 1 2 3 4 FLOPPY FACE 😂 so that was great keeping me in rhythm. Then he says OK Dan, after this contraction I need you to get up cause the pool is ready. And I said cant, she's coming!! Catch her!! He looks under and says no she's not, I say yes she is!! And out pops the head!

He has a closer look and starts doing something. I say "what's wrong? what are you doing?"

He says "nothing it's fine". And then the rest of her came out. He guided her out.

He said "she's the slipperyest thing in the world". He cleared the crap off her face, she did her cry and then we skin-to-skinned. While Bing was more like...but, the pool. I just finished filling the pool! 😂

He explained later when the head popped out he was checking the cord wasn't a problem but was freaked out cause the baby sack was still over her face, he couldn't tell what had popped out 😂. Born 8.30am.

So then he phones the hospital to say she's been born, so they send a midwife and an ambulance because they didn't have a 2nd midwife to join. They stay on the phone and are trying to force him into cutting the cord and we said like literally 6 to 8 times, we don't want to cut the cord yet. Which was irritating. The girl on the phone wanted to follow procedures and we were like no. She was suggesting using a shoe lace and everything 😅. So the midwife and paramedic show up-

I'm still naked, a single towel is literally draped over me and Lucy, and the paramedic turns out to be Bing's friend from school so I'm avoiding even looking in this guys direction I'm too shamed 😂.

It had been about 50 mins since birth and the placenta hadn't come out, so they strapped me like a crazy person into a wheelchair and carried me down the stairs and into the ambulance to have this placenta removed at hospital.

Bing has to ring his mother to come over and mind Max and take down the pool so Max doesn't wake up and flood the place etc.

Literally ten mins after getting the hospital, more or less as Bing got there, the placenta comes out on it's own. If I had just walked around a bit more I'm sure it would have happened at home. But then they kept us in until 3 o'clock claiming all the paperwork was holding us up. And the only reason it was 3 o'clock was because we said we are leaving regardless of anything because we've been waiting since 10, we've got another kid at home we've got to get back for, we've already said this numerous times, don't understand the hold up because we didn't have a hospital birth, what the hell needs so much paperwork doing you know?

Then when we read over the paperwork they had basically made up half of the answers, saying they'd injected me to get the placenta which they didn't and the home birth was unplanned when it was planned and the active labour lasted this many hours (which they obviously had no clue if it was true or not) and stuff like that.

We has a fantastic home birth which definitely directly benefitted from Beautiful Beginnings Hypnobirthing.

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