Nirdeep and Dan's Positive Birth Story

2.40am 27th April 2022

I woke up feeling like I wet myself. Upon checking I noticed 2 small wet patches on my underwear, that had no smell to them. So I called Southmead assessment unit who asked me to come in. After arranging care for my 10 year old and calling my husband who was in London with work, I drove down to the hospital myself.

By 4am I could see the monitor picking up contractions even though at this point I was only feeling the irregular light period pains. So I called my husband and asked him to start making his way to me.

By 5.30am the assessment unit advised that they can confirm that what was on the pads were my waters and my waters had broken.I was offered an induction due to a risk of infection or I could wait 24 hours. I decided to let the labour progress naturally and at 7

.15am my husband was at the hospital ready to take me home.

I went home arranged overnight care for my eldest daughter. By 11am I found fresh blood on my pad and upon a call to the assessment unit I was asked to go back in. The mid wife completed an examination upon our consent and fully explaining the process.

She confirmed I was 3cm dilated and could again go home or be induced. At this point me and my husband decided to go for the induction since we were all prepared. I had an en-suite room with blinds closed, small fairy lights around the room and calm music playing.

The room had a maternity ball that I was able to bounce on. The midwife helped rupture a few membranes as all my waters had not fully broken. Respecting my wishes of a natural birth where possible the midwife advice that I should take 2 hours and get some lunch and walk around to see if the pregnancy naturally progresses. My birth plan was written in my yellow file.

At 1pm with no progression and after Dr consultation and our approval I was put on an oxytocin drip. I started feeling mild period like pains more frequently and found myself practicing my breath 4 in 8 out, I clenched to a comb to divert the pain.

By 4pm I was in active labour, my husband as planned switched on the fan while I tried to seek comfort on the mat ball. However, I soon found myself on the bed with gas & air.

My husband was besides me holding my hand helping with my gas & air intake. When the contractions were surging I squeezed my husbands hand twice to indicate that a construction was coming so he could put the gas & air back in my mouth. Through the gas & air I thought about the positive image’s that I viewed over the weeks leading up to my labour.

I remember being told I was 9cm dilated and then I was asked to push harder and was told if you feel like a poo then push!

By 5.03 my DD was in my arms crying for a feed. My husband waited for the cord to go white before he cut it and our daughter was latched onto my breast for her 1st feed.

Although I was exhausted I found myself feeling an adrenaline rush as if I have ran a marathon. The whole experience went smoothly, and I did not panic at all. In fact, I even took a call from the bank during labour!

Thanks to hypnobirthing, me and my husband were able to prepare, plan, make informed decisions and knew exactly what to expect. We learnt about tools like the mat ball that helped bring on labour as I used this leading up to my waters breaking. Every time we recall the whole experience we find ourselves feeling so happy and pleased it was definitely a positive experience.

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